KamaTech is a unique program established to facilitate the successful integration of Haredim (ultra orthodox Jews) into the Israeli High-Tech workforce.

The Need:

The Haredi sector comprises 12% of the population in Israel. However, based on the rapid growth of this sector, by 2030 it is estimated that over 40% of the population will be Haredi. The ultra orthodox community is characterized by low employment rate, sever poverty and hence a low contribution to the economy. Today, the ultra orthodox (ages 25-65) comprise 7% of the Israeli workforce, but only 44% of them work. In 20 years, Haredim will represent 18% of the workforce in Israel. This means that the issue of Haredi employment is a top priority, and requires an urgent response.

Israel is known for its’ innovative and vibrant hi-tech ecosystem. Many leading international companies thus establish R & D centers in Israel. In recent years, a growing lack of engineers has developed in the local hi-tech industry, which could lead companies to seek personnel solutions outside Israel. At this point of time, the needs of Israeli society and the local hi-tech industry intertwine. The integration of talented young Haredim in hi-tech companies can be an ideal response to the need of the hi-tech world in Israel for well trained and enthusiastic workers.

What do we do:

The program comprises the following activities:

Elite Group: 150 outstanding Haredim will receive guidance, scholarships, and intensive support throughout their studies, including mentoring, internships, training workshops in cutting edge technologies, leadership skills, etc. This group will serve as Haredi technological leadership – pioneers who will pave the way for others.

Reach Out Program: The program will work to integrate 1000 young Haredi into the Hi-tech Industry by operating events, workshops and conferences, as well as job placement services. The program will cultivate openness and diversity within the hi-tech culture.

Accelerating entrepreneurship: The program will support hi-tech startups of Haredi entrepreneurs through workshops, lectures, mentors, competitions, promoting investors relationships and introducing the local start-up world and the key figures leading it.

National Program – A joint Venture:

KamaTech started as a coalition of 30 leading hi-tech companies, innovative startups and venture funds, among them Cisco, Intel, IBM, Google, Microsoft, Amdocs, Checkpoint, CitiBank Innovation Center, Pitango VC, Canaan Partners and more).

 Following KamaTech’s achievements, The Israeli Government decided to form a joint venture with KamaTech to establish a national program for integrating young Haredi professionals into the hi-tech workforce. The national program will comprise leading academic institutions (Technion, Hebrew University, Lev Institute), foundations and NGO’s (Kemach, Atidim, and Karev).

Once thousands of ultra orthodox professionals integrate in the hi-tech industry the national product will increase by billions. This means that for each $ invested in the program, the State of Israel will gain dozens more. Since hi-tech is a leading field in terms of contribution to the economy, it can be assumed that the inclusion of Haredim in this field will filter down into the community and encourage this same process in other areas of employment.

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