Firmware Development Engineer

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Job Description

We are looking for an experienced RT & Embedded FW engineer to join a group of developers
working on the best in class Flash Storage products.
In this position, the individual will be responsible for problem solving, analyzing, designing,
coding and debugging firmware for future cutting-edge Client SSD products.
Typical activities involve design and implementation of data structures, software algorithms
(FTL), data path, drivers for HW cores, and implementation of storage interfaces such as PCIe
NVMe – to deliver the future cutting-edge storage products. The firmware development is done
on multiple environments: PC with full HW simulation (C language in Visual Studio), FPGA
board, and on the final product. This position involves design and development of new
innovative features followed by quality unit test implementation, altogether with maintaining
and debugging 3rd party code. Working closely with excellent colleague engineers, coping with
complex challenges, innovating, and developing products that will be sold in millions of units.


• This position requires a BSEE, BSCE, or BSCS (MSEE, MSCE, MSCS preferred) with 5 • years of related experience in Firmware development • Advanced coding skills in C, effective debugging techniques, and analytical skills both in • the system level and in the unit level are required • Strong verbal and written skills are required • Knowledge/experience with PCIe/NVMe is required
• Knowledge/experience with developing flash translation layer algorithms is a big plus
• Detailed knowledge of RTOS and microprocessor architecture is a plus
• Knowledge and expertise in assembly language coding is a plus
• Experience with logic analyzer is a plus


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